Amazon FBA Resources & Tools

On this Resources page, we keep an overview of (mainly) Amazon FBA Tools that we use to do better product research, create better listings, simplify accounting… There are always processes in our business to accelerate or automate. It is important to make sure you keep thinking about this to free up your precious time for everything that directly adds value to your business. Good luck!

Product research

  • Helium10This tool is not only very useful and solid for product research, but also for finding keywords, listing optimization and much more! Discount code  Helium10: AMAZONSELLERS10 (1 year 10% discount) of AMAZONSELLERS50 (1 month 50% discount).
  • AmaSuite – the all-in-one tool to investigate new products, keywords, reviews and more!
  • Jungle Scout Chrome Extension – This is perhaps the most famous tool you can use for Amazon FBA. It offers the ability to take a snapshot of product data directly on a product page on Amazon.
  • Jungle Scout Web App – The web application aims to help you find products based on filters you’ve chosen. It basically works the same as when looking for a hotel, you set the filters so that the result is relevant to you, but than on Amazon itself!

Product listing

  • Amazing Freedom – Transform moderate product photos into conversion machines! We have a very good experience with Amazing Freedom, including high quality work and fast communication.
  • Mangools – If you’re smart, look beyond Amazon for relevant keywords. So far, this is the best affordable alternative with good quality to find keywords that can bring buyers to your product.


  • FiverrA large marketplace for a variety of freelance services that can contribute to the growth and success of your business.
  • QR-Stuff – To make it as easy as possible for customers to leave a review, we chose to post a QR code with a link to our review page. With QR-Stuff, you can do this quickly and easily!

Customer service

  • FeedbackWhizThis handy tool makes it easy to set up email campaigns. Compared to other mail tools, FeedbackWhiz provides the most personal messages to your customers.
  • Feedbackz – A tool you can use to easily set up email campaigns, so you can get in touch with your customers faster!
  • Jumpsend – Another tool that is very useful for setting up email campaigns, as well as setting up promotions to brand your product faster.


  • Taxjar – A tool for Amazon Sellers selling their products in the United States. It automatically calculates how much sales tax you owe per state.


  • Paypal – Paypal is a payment solution for individuals or businesses to make simple and secure payments around the world.
  • Revolut – Revolut is a UK online bank where you open a business account within a day. You’ll even open a personal account within 15 minutes. A nice side feature is that Revolut requires almost no extra cost for exchange to other currencies. More importantly, they don’t charge any transaction fees. This link gives you a free corporate card with your account!


  • Xero – A very powerful and comprehensive package that can work with 5 different currencies. It fits very well with demands of an Amazon Seller. In addition, it features an A2X integration.
  • A2X Accounting – You will give this tool limited access to your Amazon Seller Central account. After that, A2X then retrieves data about your payments from Amazon and sales and sends it directly to Xero. Get 10% off for the first half year now: MOD_A2X21_10. Good luck!

Product sourcing

  • Guided Imports – Guided Imports can support you very well with all the processes taking place in China, including supplier negotiation, inspection and logistics.


  • Alibaba – Alibaba offers the opportunity to connect with suppliers across the world (China!). In China products can usually be produced for a much lower price compared to factories in Europe or North America.


  • Guided Imports – Guided Imports can support you very well with all the processes taking place in China, including supplier negotiation, inspection and logistics.

    Seller Central

    • PPC Ninja – an all-in-one tool that uses artificial intelligence to do data analysis for you, sends emails in case of reviews or feedback, keeps an eye on your inventory and much more!