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No time and in no mood to find out which countries you need VAT numbers in and where to file a tax return? Take advantage of our Amazon services! With our knowledge and experience, we are THE Amazon partner for tax advice, VAT number requests and complete unburdening with regard to foreigh e-commerce legislation. Our services save you a lot of time, which you can use to fully focus on the growth of your Amazon e-commerce business. Discover our services and compare the different packages!

Administration & Compliancy

Amazon and Tax: We tell you all about it!

If you trade on Amazon, you are often active in multiple countries. If so, your customers will be from different countries with different VAT rates. If you’re using Amazon FBA, tax returns are often even more complicated. We love to tell you about Amazon and tax. If you choose our tax service, your personal financial advisor is ready for all your questions. In addition, we share a lot of knowledge about Amazon and tax on our online platform.

VAT-number request

If you achieve a certain turnover abroad, you are obliged to submit VAT returns there. Even if you’re using Amazon FBA, you will have to pay VAT abroad since there are no fulfillment centres in the Netherlands. To arrange your VAT abroad, you need a VAT number. We can quickly request a VAT ID in Germany, France, the UK, and other countries in which you operate. Choose a one-time registration or choose our full tax service including VAT registration.

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Complete VAT Service                           

When you choose our full tax service, we take care of you in terms of VAT. This can be done in two ways. You can send us your Amazon reports yourself. Or you can give us (very limited) access to your Seller Central Account. We file your tax return and figure out exactly how much you need to pay. We also act as a contact person for the foreign tax authorities. This way you can forget about anything that has to do with VAT! Do you still have questions? Then your English speaking financial advisor is ready to answer them!

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verpackg verpakkingen

Be compliant with German environmental law

When selling on Amazon in Germany, in addition to VAT, you will also have to deal with German environmental legislation, such as the VerpackG, which focuses on packaging. We can advise you which legislation applies to your situation. In addition, we provide full care of registration with the national packaging register and sign up to a German waste manager (also known as a dual system). At the waste manager, we’ll annually file a return for you. See our Verpackg service page for more information.

Tailored Advice

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Strategic Amazon advice                                                       

In addition to Amazon accounting and tax advice, we can help you grow as a seller. How? Together with you we determine what you need and where you can gain profits. For example, do you need help with increasing your conversion, or would you like to set up and optimize a PPC campaign? Then we’ll work on that. Of course, we will also look at what tax measures are involved in the growth of your e-business.

Amazon USA

Doing business in the United States through Amazon offers considerable opportunities, but is also complicated. As in Europe, you are dealing with taxes, import duties, and all sorts of local rules in the US. We are happy to guide you through the labyrinth of laws and regulations in the USA. Contact us to discuss the details!

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Take a look at our packages

You can purchase our services in a variety of ways. For example, you can buy a separate service, or pay for our advice per hour. In addition, we offer monthly subscriptions, which are often cheaper. Check out the packages below and choose the option that best suits your situation. But whatever option you choose, you can always count on your business information to be in safe hands. We always conclude an agreement in which we agree not to use received company information to our advantage. We also use secure connections and ensure that your financial data is processed correctly.

Administration & Compliancy

VAT number registration - one time payment of £ 275

✔️ Duitsland

✔️ France

✔️ Your application will be on its way to the tax authorities within 24 hours

✔️ After registration you start making declarations

✔️ Includes instruction to set up a German online account for filing tax returns

Complete VAT service - from € 50,38 (approx. £ 45) per country, per month

️ Very accesible help to discuss next steps in your Amazon adventure

️ This rate is for Germany, United Kingdom, France, Sweden, Austria or the Netherlands. For Spain, Belgium, Italy, Czech Republic and Poland different rates, please contact us.

️ Periodic VAT returns

️ Personal contact with your English speaking financial advisor

️ Worry-free: We act as a contact person for the foreign tax authorities

️ In control: submit Amazon reports yourself for the return or give us (very limited) access to your Seller Central Account. We’ll figure out how much you have to pay.

️ Advice when external factors impact your business in Germany or the UK (e.g. Brexit or the legislative changes as of July 1, 2021)

Optional: VAT registration number, one time surcharge from €250, – per country

Optional: Request EORI Number

German Packaging Act service - first year £ 129, next years £ 89 per year

We complete all the forms required for you to request a:

️ Registration at the Zentrale Zelle (public register)

️ Registration with a waste manager (please note: the contract you enter into will run for a minimum of two years)

️ Annual declaration of the quantity of packaging.

️ We actively verify that the numbers you declare are accurate so you never overpay

️ In addition, we provide answers to questions from German waste managers. That’s what makes you’re not in this alone.

* Prices above do not include VAT 

* The complete VAT service will be billed quarterly

Want to know more or are there any other questions?

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Germany Combo Package

Get started in Germany, fully compliant! We can help you with that.

  • We make sure you can start selling on Amazon Germany by registering a German VAT number (worth £ 275).
  • Next, we will help you prevent receiving high fines (up to £ 200,000) by registering you at the Central Agency Packaging Register and filing your Packaging reports for your first registered year (worth £ 129).

Actual price £ 499 now for £ 399

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